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We want to encourage everyone to participate without discrimination in terms of sterling income, and regular subscriptions will therefore be taken in local currency. However, in order for the scheme to generate sufficient income to cover its own expenses in the mainstream economy, we also invite donation subscriptions from individuals and organisations who can afford it, and to maintain fairness our practice will be to generate an acknowledgement in local currency, which will appear in your account.

The amounts we suggest are 10 (5 concession) for individuals, and for businesses and organisations 25 up to 100 or whatever is appropriate in your circumstances - the balance generated can be used to trade with others in the scheme.

Currently, until separate arrangements are made, the scheme is being funded by LETSlink, and therefore we would ask you to make donations to their account, sortcode 09-01-51 account number 04279400 - for the reference use Wiltshire-0000, substituting the zeros for your ID number if you already have one.

Or you can send a cheque, with either a copy of the application form, printed from the screen before or after submission, or your letterhead, mentioning that it's an application to the Wiltshire Exchange Scheme, to the national office address: LETSlink UK, 12 Southcote Road, Tufnell Park, London N19 5BJ.

Alternatively LETSlink has a PAYPAL account:

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